Chin surgery can reshape, reduce, or augment your chin. The procedure may involve surgical enhancement with an implant or reduction surgery on the bone. It may even involve liposuction from underneath your chin to give your chin a more defined look.

Chin liposuction most frequently is done with a micro-cannula utilizing a tumescent method that requires injecting fluid into a directed location in concurrence with suct -ioning your fatty tissue out. In a few examples, liposuction of your chin may have effective results in the problem locations compared to other surgical methods. Chin liposuction may also be more suitable as it derogates marking than many other operative methods. Chin liposuction is commonly carried out under your chin to decrease the visual appearance of drooping skin in your neck or hanging jawbones.

The better prospect for chin liposuction is a person who wants to eliminate annoying pouches of fatty tissue but is within thirty percent of the ideal body weight. Age isn’t a huge factor in chin liposuction treatment, but people with more flexible qualities in their skin are more likely to get the best outcomes. For people who don’t possess flexible skin, other treatment like a nip and tuck may stiffen the skin right after fatty tissue has been got rid of utilizing liposuction methods. The best method to know if you’re a good candidate for this treatment is to speak with Dr. Kotlarz directly.

Recovery from chin liposuction is a comparatively brief process. People who have chin liposuction are more likely to get modest irritation or puffiness and  some bruising. This may lessen in about 7 to 15 days. People may need a couple of stitches to shut the opening created by a cannula (the tube employed to cut off and get rid of fat). Many chin liposuction patients go back to work in about a week and feel the complete advantages of chin liposuction in a 3 to 5 months.